TaTa New Car 2011

The risk of Tata 4 meters long, are soon to be launched in the stage and tail behavior of the car, but comfortable inside the TaTa New Car 2011 useful utility to 8 people and enough space for luggage.
TaTa New Car 2011

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The interior, with a theme of the assembled two-tone beige and black, comfortable, double-vented heating and air conditioning (HVAC) with duct on the roof. One result of the greenhouse window modules for second row passengers makes them distinctive in TaTa New Car 2011.
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And is estimated by the EPA with a consumption of 52 mpg city and 62 mpg highway, the Nano is economical to operate as TaTa New Car 2011.
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The Tata Aria is the latest car launched by Tata. It is designed for crossover segment. It offers both a sedan and SUV. For first time, has made its way to the Motor Show in Geneva show in 2000 showed. Tata Motors plans to launch the Tata Aria in three trim levels - Aria says Tata, Tata Aria of prestige and pride Tata Aria.
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Both cars Tata Indigo Manza Sardinian red and pewter in the English language is the high-end generation of Tata Motors new sedan to the next level. Completely renovated interior with leather seats and a distinctive luxury. The Manza is a completely new car with an aggressive cat. A whole new body on a new platform has a completely new interior.
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Nano is a real car that is truly affordable for the middle class is rapidly growing developing countries. Steel surrounds the occupants, a solid roof over their heads, and even offers an air-conditioned interior in TaTa New Car 2011.

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