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New AutoMobiles

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An overview of the latest Mercedes-Benz ML320 BluetTEC a diesel vehicle in the New AutoMobiles Show in New York at Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, USA, on 19 March 2008.

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Panamera are by all means a luxury car, regardless of the model selected and the plan. Award from the United States as the primary market in which they expect that this model will be around $ 90K, and sound is better than a few months earlier, when there was a rumor of a much higher price of New AutoMobiles.  

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Vehicle class, elegance and most luxurious in the world meet the 2011 New AutoMobiles Show preview fundraiser.


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Ubaru the new Heritage 2010 published its official unveiling at the Auto Show in New York next week.

The inheritance includes all the new style of its predecessor with the concept shown in Detroit combined. The 2010 Legacy is always an inch long, 3.5 inches wider and taller than 3 inches so it competes with other mid-sized sedans.  

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The Escape is a full-size luxury car in Japan, Nissan introduced in October 2004. First demonstrated that the concept of flight in 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, a replacement for longtime Nissan Cedric and Gloria series of Nissan cars. With the cessation of production of the Nissan Cima and President of Nissan in 2010, Leak, the top model from Nissan is available.

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CNET Asia has a preview release of Singapore Motor Show 2008 at Suntec City Convention Centre yesterday invited. During the event, several new cars from automakers such as Honda and Subaru, which has attracted the attention of all, the car of the Swiss manufacturer Rinspeed sQuba was presented.  

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The Honda FCX (Fuel Cell Experimental) was a few years ago on a particular niche, the hydrogen fuel cell cars released add. Honda has developed and installed a new solar-hydrogen station at its research center in Los Angeles, to provide free hydrogen for the FCX. Read on to learn more about this latest news from Honda.

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