AutoCar Fire Trucks

This could be a shopping center, but when the factory was here, was the coach less than the largest employers in AutoCar Fire Trucks firm. More than that is one of the best trucks and progressive at the time. If the first time in 1898 in Pittsburgh, while the Society of Motor Vehicles of Pittsburgh, the maker of horseless carriages was - reflects a notion of time. The means of locomotion, not their purpose was the main concern. Later, the coach without horses is cars, trucks and tractors. 

AutoCar Fire Trucks

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 2009 Spartan - General Security (Rosenbauer) 1500 GPM - 500 Tank Shop # 81 672
this has been one of three 2009-model engines in service for AutoCar Fire Trucks. Photo Steve Hagy

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We are looking for a hood of a 1919 Autocar fire truck. The bell of a bell 12 inches wide, and we believe that the original hangs in the fire station in State College, PA. Its chrome on copper. Can anyone tell me if you can get another, or a copy of the original loan issue. If we do not know, is the only bronze bell, or some conbination bronze and other metals? The casting must be machined or polished or?  

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s / n 101 639 Tanker Fire Coach This truck is as something that a fire department use in a rural area where the hydrants are few and far between would be modeled. He is the great example Autocar DC10364-OH 12.00 to 24 tires. The dual exhausts can assume that someone had changed and adjusted the settings for the fuel pump is so perhaps there is more than 335 hp Cummins diesel. 

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Photo AutoCar Fire Trucks 1992 Autocar published by Chevy_3500

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