New Car 2011 Wallpaper

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New Car 2011 Wallpaper

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New Cars Wallpapers »Wallpapers Audi Audi fund new cars» New Audi R8 Audi R8 New Car 2011 Wallpaper.
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New Cars Wallpapers »Wallpapers Ferrari Ferrari ski Cars» New Cars Italia Ferrari 458 Wallpapers »New Car 2011 Wallpaper Red Ferrari 458 Italy 2011.
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Audi has the new generation Audi A8 - category of luxury sport sedan sets new standards. Its sleek body with Audi Space Frame (ASF) is made; the engines are powerful, high efficiency and power transmission and suspension dynamics and comfort.
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The new flagship boasts spacious interior design with its luxuriously appointed, newly developed control MMI and excellent workmanship. Innovative assistance systems, to ensure an even more confident in New Car 2011 Wallpaper.

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Audi design is always fascinating, complex intelligence. The outer skin of the new Audi A8 transferred homogeneity, as if the model a lot. A coupé-like roofline lets the flow of the silhouette, sculpted surfaces to soothe and to convey the contrast of prestige, with clean lines. The new A8, Audi's leadership in the field of automotive design kept. Stand for innovative technology shows, the Audi A8 that this feature is progressive through the new design elements.
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