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BMW has confirmed plans for a new four-door coupe for 2012. Klaus Draeger, R & D BMW said the major luxury car next to the 6-series will be defined in terms of price and technology.
About the car, the new 8-series has on the concept of a cap based on Gran Coupe 100 mm less than the 7 Series. He will come with the same engine options currently offered by New Car 2012 BMW, while the grounds shared with the 5-series, 7 series and will 5GT.
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Images of New Car 2012 BMW:

BMW Sportline series in January 2012 made many changes since the previous one. Line New Car 2012 BMW0-1Sport now 8.5 inches longer and 1.7 inches wide. However, the level remains unchanged, and the result is extended in a smoother profile. Seen from the front and back view, a strong attitude of the compact models immediately apparent.

Images of New Car 2012 BMW
On the other hand, the proportion of new New Car 2012 BMW-1 Series is even more striking appearance. Pitched roof, windshield, sport and the rear window of a flat-sided tendency to give the car was cut, while the tutor time - on the front bottom of the rear window - expand the C-pillar, so that opening the door wider and easier and on the back seat.
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Wide range of wheel arches reinforce the impression the new BMW sports car back line created January 2012. Rear window extends across the width of the vehicle, with emphasis on the feel of a compact sports and invites the visitor to the convenience of a flexible trunk to enjoy. The width of the opening, slightly concave rear door opens when you press the tip of the BMW emblem in the middle.
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Presentation of the New Car 2012 BMW for the U.S. market in 2011 NAIAS now folded and machinery in the heart of a true fan of Light: 2012 1 Series M Coupe. I must say it looks beautiful orange metallic screen in our gallery in life.

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More importantly, is called by a 340 hp 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged versions of "capture the soul of the original M3." Or do you want new BMW M3 is a sports star in 1988, inspired, and that the German automaker said the possibility of a race car in the compact class, which is able to deliver every day to build groups. "It is expected that the M sedan production to entrepreneurs in the spring of 2011 to $ 47,010 in limited quantities according to BMW. Now you have a picture in our gallery of images with high resolution to proceed.
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The new generation of the BMW 1 Series has proved a rich set of images. The new 2012 series BMW1 should make its official debut at the Motor Show in Frankfurt in September. If this happens, it is clear from the outset that the series 1 2012 than the previous model significantly different. Having grown significantly over its predecessor, you would think that 2012 series is less fuel than its predecessor.
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