Honda New Car 2012 in Malaysia

Leaks of information that should be the new alliance in New small Honda Honda models called Brio. The car will be assembled in Thailand from February next year in Taiwan in January 2012, Honda New Car 2012 in Malaysia January 2013.
Honda New Car 2012 in Malaysia

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2012 Honda Cross Tour Wallpaper (1) 2012 Honda Cross Tour - elegant and sporty, roomy interior Crosstour The Honda New Car 2012 in Malaysia SUV crossover style of a feature elegant, sporting point of view, low fuel consumption, also have the capability of the internal space charge, versatility and print quality.
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Honda New Car 2012 in Malaysia is another wonderful and come with a new design this year. Many people are eager to learn driving new cars and new car is the dream for 2011 - 2012, and the range of T6 R-Design in Australia is powered by the 224kW/440Nm standard melody and currently includes the sedan, S60 XC60 compact SUV and a truck V60. The V60 is not sold in North America, and as such 242kW V60 available. The T6 R-Design comes with a sporty body kit, alloy wheels of 18 inches and sports.
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The Honda New Car 2012 in Malaysia is a new model Honda, which was restated in its design. 2012 model the best headlights and grille coneito with a new sport. With 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine, 115 hp, Flex when driven with gasoline and delivers 116 hp with alcohol.

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In 1982, the Honda Accord and the steering wheel is produced as the first Japanese automaker in the United States. Not only here, but it was created, even in countries like New Zealand, Britain, China and Thailand, too! If you assume that I think we can say that this vehicle is what people all over the world for other reasons, because many elements of the planet. Do you know?
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Honda releases include a hybrid car with sporting aspirations, it is because the CR-Z Sport mode, which provides a blow with the help of the electric motor. In fact, Honda has remained faithful to support its integrated motor technology, which is mounted by a small electric motor between the combustion engine and gearbox is. If the engine is running, the electric motor provides additional energy. In combination with the electric motor, the motor can produce 1.5 liters, 122 hp.
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