How to Replace the Fuel Pump of Toyota Camry-Avalon-ES300-Corolla-Solara

How to replace the fuel pump of Toyota Camry-Avalon-ES300-Corolla-Solara
Once it fails, there's no nursing the automobile back home or to your garage. It should be towed. Within the absence of performing arts a fuel pump pressure check; a failing fuel pump could also be miss-diagnosed as an automobile that wants a tune up (e.g. spark plugs, air filter, filter, ignition wire, etc.). Low speed idle could also be rough; the engine could buck beneath acceleration or can begin quickly and stall. A relentless high voltage sent from the PCM (Powertrain management Module) to the pump to beat back pressure in an exceedingly clogged filter can cause the pump to break down. additionally, tired rubber fuel pressure seals or the remains of a disintegrating mesh pump screen (caused by ethanol) obtaining sucked within the pump intake port area unit another causes of failure.
Like most cars, Toyota fuel pumps area unit electrical motors located within very cheap of the fuel tank and is submerged in fuel. An easy plastic mesh screen (not a filter) prevents massive particles from getting into the pump. The planning configuration for the Camry is that the same for the ringlet, Avalon, ES300 and therefore the Solara. Different Toyota cars could also be an equivalent.

How to replace the fuel pump of Toyota Camry-Avalon-ES300-Corolla-Solara

At ten years of use or over a 100,000 miles, fuel pump replacement is nice Preventative Maintenance (PM). Since fuel pumps area unit electrical/mechanical devices, components can wear. thus what could seem to be operating fine someday will fail successive week or month or year by surprise. that's the chance of owning recent, high mileage cars. Most repair retailers charge over $400 for replacement and combined that with a tow job and filter replacement, repair bills will check $800.
No special tools area unit needed to perform a fuel pump replacement. Taking ones time, the task may be performed in close to one.5 hours. Associate in Nursing access port/panel set beneath the rear traveller seat negates the requirement to position the automobile on a elevate so as to drop the tank to realize access to the fuel pump regulator.
Remove the key from the ignition. For intercalary safety, disconnect the positive finish of the battery terminal.
Pull on left and right of centre front portion of the cushion for removal. Then angle the cushion out pushing the safety belt connects through the cushion openings.
The access panel may be a circular sealed flat solid cowl that's amalgamated to the body of the automobile with semi-adhesive glue. {The cowl the duvet the quilt} may be removed by gently prying round the cover (with an outsized screwdriver) till a there's enough space to insert a knife to chop and separate the glue from each the duvet and therefore the body.
Pinch the feminine plug unleash pin and wiggle the fitting off the male connection.
Remove the 2 8mm bolts that hold down the pipe protective covering.
Disconnect the pipe from the Regulator by pinching the white plastic pipe sleeve and gently pull on the black pipe connection. A small quantity of fuel can spill.
Push the disconnected pipe behind the outside of the tank.
These bolts area unit 8mm Associate in Nursing it's recommend that a 1/4 wrench with an extension be accustomed unscrew these bolts. Don’t utterly take away the bolt. Take away the previous couple of threads left together with your fingers or run the chance of the bolts severance beneath the fuel tank. Instead, a magnetic Phillips head screw driver would work well.
Angle the Fuel Pump Regulator out of the Tank. Position the regulator thus on not injury the Fuel Float lever.
Disconnect the Regulator Cover/Bracket.
The Cap/Cover over the Fuel Pump Mesh filter may be removed by prying off the 2 of the 3 clips holding it in situ. This could be performed by mistreatment 2 skinny tipped screw drivers placed beneath every of the 2 clips and lifting the clips over the tabs.
The rubber bushing will then be removed exposing the fuel pump with the mesh filter and retention clip. The clip may be removed by gently prying off with a knife. Work the knife round the clip applying upward pressure till the clip comes off.
Unplug the electrical fitting from the bottom of the regulator. This can permit the fuel pump to be upraised out of the regulator with the pump facet wire hooked up.
Gently wiggle and twist the Fuel Pump from the Regulator. The resistance within the gasket is what must be overcome.
After the pump comes out, disconnect the electrically wire connection to the pump. Pinch the discharge pin and pull/wiggle the electrical feminine plug off.
The gasket could or might not be hooked up to the pressure output port of the fuel pump. If not hooked up, use either a tiny low screw driver or create shift wire with a latch on the tip to drag the gasket out. Beneath the gasket within the Regulator may be a plastic cap that ought to even be removed.
Transfer from the recent fuel pump pressure output port the Cap, gasket and Guide Clip. If your new fuel pump came with a brand new gasket, discard the recent gasket.
Apply some polymer lubricator on the gasket and feminine electrical fitting.
Connect the plastic Fuel Pump Cap over the Fuel Pump Bushing. Make sure that the Clip ends area unit hooked up to the body of the Regulator Fuel Pump Housing.
Reconnect the opposite fuel pump electrical fitting at the bottom of the Regulator back onto the regulator.
Carefully angle the Fuel Pump Regulator into the fuel tank gap ranging from the float valve. The regulator fuel Input port ought to be facing towards the front of the automobile.
After all the bolts are screwed in, apply the ultimate tension/tightening on all the bolts.
Re-connect the pipe to the regulator. Make sure that the clips on the regulator input port area unit in alignment with the sq. openings within the pipe connection. Push and pull on the pipe affiliation to confirm that the affiliation is nice.
Start the automobile. It’s going to take many tries before then engine starts because of the air gap within the pipe.
If no leaks, stop the engine and press the Fuel Pump Regulator Access Cover/Plate over the Regulator access gap. The semi-adhesive glue ought to be organ enough to carry the duvet in situ. Many faucets with a blunt instrument round the cowl ought to be enough.
Install the cushion back within the automobile on Associate in nursing angle wherever the safety belt clips may be force into the belt clip openings.
Push the seat back and align the pins within the base of the seat with the oblong openings on the ground. Move firmly to clip the pins into the gap.

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