Best New Cars Under 20k

best new cars under 20k
Trunks, be gone! You can’t match a drum set into a trunk. You can’t get a 52” flat screen TV during a trunk (at least, not including the stand it has to sit on). And you can’t throw your pet carrier within the trunk to haul Spot to the vet (at least, not if you wish him to live). The most effective bet for transportation any of those things, and numberless others, is that the hatchback. Hatchbacks are around for many years, since the times of the recent Ford Pintos and vex Cheetos. Thankfully, they’ve improved since then. They’re still one among the foremost reliable, fuel economical cars on the road; and, they will be had for [*fr1] the value of what most sedans price. Here are a unit a number of the most effective hatchbacks out there for below $20,000, as researched for you on many trusty resources like Edmunds.

Best New Cars Under 20k
There’s a reason that the new Fiestas were one among the foremost extremely anticipated models to return out the past couple years. “The Ford feast provides economy automotive shoppers reason to celebrate with its fun-to-drive temperament, nicely cut cabin, tight build quality and sudden options.” It will create a tighter cabin however that’s generally the case with most hatchback cars to start with. The gaudy engine, impressive fuel economy, and out there high-end options place Ford’s oldest current compact at the highest of the list. It one the foremost reward able cars for worth the worth the value} and also the price is incredibly low for the you’re obtaining.
When Honda figures out the way to solve the road noise issue related to the match, it's going to have an attempt at taking the highest spot. Visibility is excellent and also the manual transmission possibility is really a lot of powerful than the automated. However, the automated provides one among the most effective fuel economies within the category at 27/33 mpg (city/highway). “No budget hatchback will match the 2010 Honda Fit’s combination of usefulness and performance.” It conjointly comes with Honda liableness and an inventory of choices and trim levels which will accommodate any driver.
Honda makes the list double because of its transformed answer to the Toyota Prius. The Insight comes with associate degree “affordable price, glorious fuel economy, a seamless hybrid powertrain, and provides a pleasing driving expertise.” It still suffers from Honda’s road noise issue however altogether aspects it's become a serious competition to the highest line Prius and Ford feast. The sole alternative disadvantage is that its back seat will offer the area or comfort of other choices out there. On the opposite hand, the driving expertise makes up for the dearth of rider house.
This is arguably the foremost trendy of all the subcompacts out there. It’s rather high-priced for what you’re obtaining therefore it remains a bit more down on the list. However, it will utilize glorious building materials, associate degree out there diesel possibility, Bluetooth and touchscreen electronic equipment with a six-CD changer. It’s conjointly one among the foremost powerful compacts out there with it’s a pair of.5L 4-cylinder engine pumping out a hundred and seventy H.P... The Golf is currently within the sixth generation of production and if it keeps up, seven could also be the lucky variety for Volkswagen within the finish.

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